托福口语攻略之Describe your favorites

导读:托福口语攻略之Describe your favorites


  What do you do in your spare time? Please include specific details in your statement.

  When I have leisure time, I look forward to spending it outdoors. Breathing fresh air and enjoying the natural light of sunshine are a nice break from the closed in atmosphere of my office. Once outside in a healthy environment, my choice of activities is limitless. Mostly I enjoy walks with friends. We like to explore new parts of the city. Sometimes we head out of town and try a new hiking trail in the woods. The outdoors is a great place to meet other like-minded people who are interested in fitness. Recently, I met someone on a walking trail. During our walk we found out we are both sighed up for golf lessons at the local club. In addition, he is interested in joining my friends and I in forming a volleyball team. The outdoors offers a great opportunity to spend free time alone or with friends.

  When I have time to kill, I usually like to surf the internet to pay close attention to new fashion trade. Such as the fashion week, respectively, new york fashion week, paris fashion week, London fashion week and milian fashion week. The rest of time, I usually go to the library to find some valuable books and a park to relax myself. There are many books to my taste, such as fashion magazines, inspirational books, and professional books. These books can make me healthier and energetic. And last thing I’d like to do when I am free is to eat out with my family members. You may be surprised to know that I have tried all the restaurants in our community!

  2. 我最喜欢的工作

  If you get a chance to choose a job, what will you do? What’s your reason for choosing this job? Please give your statement and include specific examples and details in your opinion.

  Well In my opinion, the most ideal career for me is to be a journalist. You know what? I have dreamed to be a journalist since I was still in middle school. Journalists never tell lies, and always seek for truth. I want to be a man just like that. Besides, I often feel shy when I‘m talking to others, and as I know journalists are all good at communicating because good  communication skill is very important while they’re doing interviews. I want to possess this kind of skill myself, so that’s why I want to be a journalist as an ideal career.

  3. 选择高薪职业还是能够得到自我满足的职业?

  If you have a chance to choose your job, would you like to choose a job with high salary or that can get personal satisfaction? Why?

  I agree with that one should choose a major that suits his/her interests. First of all, if you force yourself to learn something you don’t like, then you can’t be fully devoted to learning it well and may even feel bored. As a result, it will lower your study efficiency and can’t prepare you very well for future development.

  Furthermore, the demand of job market definitely changes more frequently than your interests do. You may find a job popular after you graduate, although it may receive poor recognition by the society when you entered college. So it’s wise to choose a major you are interested in.

  Personally speaking, I would like to choose a job which can provide me a high personal satisfaction. Firstly, success for me is a kind of process rather than a result such as a plenty of money. Money and reputation are incidental results to my success. So a high personal satisfaction can let me enjoy this process. Secondly, a high personal satisfaction can give me lots of passion to continue my job. In other words, passion and satisfaction of a job are dynamic to my career not money.

  4. 选择好找工作的专业还是自己感兴趣的专业?

  Subject which will lead to better job or subject which you are interested. Which subject will you choose? Why?

  I will definitely choose a major which will lead to a better job in the future. I bet the most common reason for us attending university is to find a good job with bright future and decent pay when we graduate, like finance and marketing for example. I love literature, but I chose journalism to be my major in the

  university. Journalism is much more practical than literature. You can see this from the fact that the number of authors is much less than the number of journalists. I could not deny the fact that satisfying our interests will make our life more enjoyable, but it has to take a good job as a prerequisite because we need to make a living first. Compared to surviving, everything has to be placed in the second place.

  I surely prefer to choose a major which is easy to find a good job in the future, like finance or marketing for example. No one could deny that the most common reason for us attending university is to get well prepared for a good job in the future. So whether or not it will lead to a good job, should be put into the first place when we choose our major. If we find a good job with decent payment, we can use the money we have earned from it to satisfy our interests then.

  5. 我最喜欢的电影类型?

  Which is your favorite type of movie: action, drama, or others? Please include specific details and examples in your explanation.

  My favorite type of movie is romance comedies. The charming actors such as Hugh Grant or Brad Pitt are some of the most attractive actors in the world. Whenever they have new movies coming out i will pay for the ticket price and watch them in the movie theatres, i just like the way to fantasize about my life when i watch their movies. And the second reason may be more important. Watching this kind of movies is just like reading a book which teaches me how to love and to be loved. Moreover, the recent movies are always what girls talk about and I do not want to be out of date when we are having a casual conversation

  My favorite kind of movie is loving movie. Such as Titanic, a wonderful movie, captured many young people‘s hearts with its fascinating music and touching plots. A word comes to my mind, it is love that makes the world go round. Watching this kind of loving movies is just like reading a text book which teaches me how to love and be loved. Moreover, we can learn more from it, such as loyalty and treasure.

  6. 我最喜欢的休闲方式

  Choose one of your favorite methods to relax and explain why it is your favorite. Please include specific details in your explanation.

  7. 我离开家乡最想念的?

  Everyone has to leave home sometimes. What do you miss most when you are away from home? Please include specific examples and details in your explanation.

  It is my mother whom I miss most when I am away from home, for example, studying in the university which is 1400 miles away from my born city of Beijing. The dishes in school’s cafeteria was awful, and I became 3 kilograms thinner than I was in the high school. So I miss the food my mother cooks for me,especially spaghettis which is her signature dishes.

  It is my parents whom I miss most when I am away from home, for example, I usually lodging in the university. I miss the food my parents cook for me, and I miss their laugh. In the university, I have to handle problems by my own efforts, by my own decision at most of the time, it definitely improves my independent ability. What the most important of all, to be frank, I deeply understand their pain about life. Thus, I miss them a lot.

  8. 一年中最好的时间是?

  What is your best time in a year? Please state your reasons and include specific examples and details in your explanation.

  Spring Festival may be the most important celebration event in China, which symbolizes the beginning of a new year. It allows us to depart from bad luck and all displeasure together with the past as well as long for a much better future. In addition, the festival provides all Chinese people in the world an opportunity to gather with family or friends, enjoying delicious food, watching TV celebrating programs, sharing experience in the past year and receive best wishes from each other and so on.

  9. 我最喜欢的房间?

  Describe your favorite room. Your statement should include specific examples and details.

  My favorite room is the living room. I like lots of open space and a sense of expansiveness, of freedom.

  Also, it‘s a place where I can look around and not feel agitated or confined. All different but natural colors have such a lovely warm effect that I would never get tired of it. Everything is in harmony----- large digital TV on the wall, glass-made tea table, beautiful plants, couch and sofa, a good book, a good wine. It gives me a sense of satisfaction and away from hurly burly. It is at times a place to contemplate and at times a place to share with friends. In a word, it is graceful, refined, comfortable and restful.

  My favorite room in my house is my study room. There are various books in my study room, such as fashion magazines, inspirational books and so on. Also there is a computer in my study room. The reasons why it is my favorite room is because in my spare time I usually like to surf the internet to pay close attention to new fashion trade or find some valuable books to recharge myself. These books can make me healthier and energetic.


  Describe some kind of skill that you’d like to learn most. Why? Please include specific examples and details in your explanation

  Well, the skill that I want to command is to repair large-scale machines, which is of great help in my scientific research. Firstly, if I can repair apparatus in my laboratory all by myself, I won’t depend on others. Asking others for solution usually costs considerable time and money. I even have to please them in order to solve the problem as soon as possible. In addition, if I master the skill of machine-reparation,I’ll be more familiar with the machine and working principle and can offer help to others. That’s why I want to learn the skill of machine-reparation.

  The skill I want to learn most is cooking as the following reasons. Firstly, I’m going to study abroad, so cooking is very necessary for me when i live alone. As we all know that it is very costly for me to eat out always. So cooking is a economical way. Secondly, if I could cook well, I would cook for my foreign friends. Let them know the culture of cooking in my country. Besides these, I can do some part time jobs to earn my pocket money.

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